How One Melbourne Hotel Breaks from the Mold Created by Competitors
Posted by melbourneapartmentho, 01/29/2018 6:43 am

Apartment hotel in Melbourne have their fans, and they also have their detractors. In the latter camp are many who feel that such establishments tend to be overly utilitarian and charmless, traits that can make for less-than-memorable stays. As a recent review of one such hotel in Melbourne makes clear, however, that is not inherent to this class of accommodations, at all.

A Fantastic Place to Stay for Many Melbourne Visitors

The hotel in question stands in an especially convenient part of the city's renowned Central Business District. That alone helps make it a compelling choice, whether for travelers who will be attending work-related meetings or those looking to relax.

The Central Business District of Melbourne is famed for the many appealing cafes and restaurants it hosts, and quite a few of these lie clustered together along Collins Street. With this particular provider of apartment-style accommodations standing on the same busy avenue, guests find plenty of attractive destinations waiting right outside its front door.

Better yet, the same hotel puts its clients within a specially designated zone where no fares need to be paid to board a tram that covers the entire area. As a result, those who prefer to walk to a restaurant right nearby are accommodated just as nicely as others who would rather range farther.

More Than an Enviable Location to Offer

These facts alone would help make this particular hotel a top choice for Melbourne-bound travelers who favor apartment-style accommodations. As the reviewer has noted, however, there are a number of other good reasons to patronize this establishment.

One of the more striking of these stems from the building the hotel occupies. While the Central Business District is home to quite a few nineteenth-century buildings of note, this former treasury is plainly one of the most outstanding.The beauty of the building's exterior has been matched by careful attention to detail inside, with guests enjoying an especially welcoming atmosphere everywhere from the lobby to their individual rooms.

Service is also a priority here, something that cannot always be said of competing establishments. While opting to stay in a hotel-provided apartment will often signal something of a desire for Independence and self sufficiency, having assistance available will never hurt. Guests at this hotel can count on having their needs seen to as closely as they might like.

As a result of all these factors, a stay at this particular apartment-style hotel can easily be every bit as memorable and enjoyable as any traveler might hope. As the review's author has noted, this is not always to be taken for granted with such establishments, but it is a welcome state of affairs when it arises.

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